Alaska Trip – Photos – Part 1

My family and I took a trip to Alaska from the 5th to the 17th of September 2018, and it was remarkable. Truly amazing. I’m so blessed for my wonderful family that I got to spend time with on that trip. My uncle won a lottery that allowed him to drive all the way to the end of the Denali National Park, otherwise we could only get 15 miles in. Definitely check out that lottery if you’re interested in going to Alaska and looking out for wildlife.

We saw many animals, would not probably say a lot, but a fair amount. Especially later on in the trip we found more, the earlier part consisted of us driving around and around and around in circles getting dizzy looking for animals. 😛

Our trip went something like this:

  •  Sept. 5 – Airplane to Anchorage, Alaska
  •  Sept. 6 – Drive to Portage (which I unofficially renamed ‘Porridge’
  •  Sept. 7 – Drive to Homer
  •  Sept. 8 – Drive back to Seward
  •  Sept. 9 – Take a cruise with Kenai Fjords Wildlife
  •  Sept. 10 – Drive to Whittier to take a ferry to Valdez
  • Sept. 11 – Drive toward the Denali Highway
  • Sept. 12 – Rest day
  • Sept. 13 – Drive all the way to the end of the Denali National Park !!! (92 miles long ! And we were half out of gas by the time we started back home.)
  • Sept. 14 – Continuing looking for moose…
  • Sept. 15 – Head back to Anchorage by car
  • Sept. 16 – Go to the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center and take pictures of RED FOXES! I mean…animals.
  • Sept. 17 – Head home 😦

I will post some of the pictures that look presentable to share. I still have more (that actually have animals), but I’m unable to upload them at the present time, so hopefully these will do for now!

(Photos taken with a Sony a6300 camera)

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